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was unexpected, there was another surprise in store at the foot of the 30-country index: China, four times as wealthy as Britain, 20 times as populous and 40 times as large, came dead last. One of Chinas top universities is preparing to open a campus at the heart of British academic life, just months after President Xi Jinping called for Chinese universities to be transformed into strongholds of Communist party rule.

Eight out of ten 15-year-old girls in Scotland said they felt pressured by schoolwork, compared with 59 of boys. Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, the WHO European regional director, said: Health behaviours and social habits and attitudes acquired in the critical second decade of a young persons life can carry on into adulthood and affect the entire life-course. Echoing a 1932 speech by Joseph Stalin, Xi called teachers engineers of the human soul whose sacred mission was to help students improve in ideological quality and political awareness. Governance was the category that sank undemocratic China, whose last place was sealed by a section dedicated to digital soft-powertricky to cultivate in a country that restricts access to the web. John Ballam, director of the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing. It was like when you take the cork out of a champagne bottle and it explodes for a bit, Andrew Graham, the colleges former master, told the BBC in a recent series about the scandal-hit Bo family. Peking University, an elite Beijing institution where Mao Zedong once worked as a librarian, will open a branch of its hsbc Business School in Oxford early next year, the respected financial magazine. Caixin reported on Thursday. Britain scored highly in its engagement with the world, its citizens enjoying visa-free travel to 174 countriesthe joint-highest of any nationand its diplomats staffing the largest number of permanent missions to multilateral organisations, tied with France.