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clipped this slide to already. Malaysia took up in arms, reacting to the palm oil decision, Malaysias Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Mah Siew Keong lashed out at the European Parliament and called its decision crop apartheid. EU lawmakers also decided on a 12 target for renewables in transport, which also includes 10 for so-called second-generation or advanced biofuels, such as waste-based biofuels and recycled carbon fuels. Journals Flexible journal portfolio Relatively few print journals Around 300 journals, in addition 140 institutional subscriptions. But its amendments still risk making it harder for EU member states to realistically boost renewables in transport, Secretary-General of epure Emmanuel Desplechin said.

Member states will also have the option to decide on the level of use ofwaste feedstocks such as used cooking oil and animal fats. Laura Buffet, clean fuels manager at T E, stressed that the Parliaments message was clear. In order to achieve this goal, the University Library has an acquisition strategy based explicitly on user needs and demands.

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Smooth way Invoice as a PDF Handled by our finance unit Finance system Payment reciept. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and would like to express our sympathy to the Thai people in these difficult times, in the hope we will be able to reschedule an RT in Bangkok in the near future. Uksg Conference 2017 Breakout - Managing without a subscription agent: the experience of doing it yourself - Elin Palm and Lisa Lovén. The Parliament has sent a message that not all biofuels are created equal by focusing on getting rid of those that drive deforestation like palm oil. This compromise redirects investments into the fuels of the future and eliminates palm oil biodiesel, the highest emitting biofuel. Growth can only come from sustainable advanced fuels such as waste-based biofuels, not from food crops, she said. Read More, rSPOs draft Principles Criteria (P C) were the focus of a recent Certification Body (CB) workshop in Sumatra, which aided in the interpretation. Invoice processing With an agent: a few e-summary invoices straight into the finance system Without an agent: all invoices in PDF that required manual handling to end up in the finance system.

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