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crazy, why, chris Lyons Chriddof is dating någon med en dysfunktionell familj a British animator, voice actor, editor and writer, and the creator of a number of surrealist. According to Chriddof's website, he obtained a new account known as 'Icantgoalongwiththat' and has recently uploaded his lastest videos from 4 November 2011. External References, read Full Entry, recent Videos 7 total. How to improve your bread and, facilitating the Rapture and afterlife. Notable fans of Chriddof's work include Stuart Ashen Ashens and Edward Gould Eddsworld. Popular comments from the viewers include: If there was such a thing as Mormon HipHop, this is what it might sound like.

Some of the more notable examples include Journey's "Don't Stop Believing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and "Boom Boom Boom" by Outhere Brothers among others. According to, encyclopedia Dramatica, Topkek became notable on the /s4s/ board on May 13th, 2013, when user prime minister face began posting photographs of the snack food. Pepe the Frog is often considered a modern avatar of the diety, who uses ancient Egyptian meme magic to influence the world, often by fulfilling the wishes of posts that end in repeating numbers. In September 2011, he attributed the deleted accounts and works to anxiety and depression in a video titled 'Announcement'. "I don't care if I'm off-key, I have my own voice.

Though I have endless fondness for Delaney's tweets, he has a relationship with Weird Twitter that isn't unlike Weezer's relationship with nerd rock or Skrillex's relationship with EDM. What he produces is more appealing to the masses, those that aren't "in on the joke." Retweeting Rob Delaney is like retweeting The Onion. Online History, on 4chan, solumsmo's, channel first came under spotlight in early March 2011, when one of her "karaoke-style" singing videos was posted onto 4chan on March 16th, 2011. In August 2011, the ChrisLyons3000 account was closed.