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to the documents, the question of which "additional enrichments would you like to see" with regards to BlackBerry was also discussed. Four-hundred-thousand apps means 400,000 possibilities for attacks.". According to several documents, the NSA spent years trying to crack BlackBerry communications, which enjoy a high degree of protection, and maintains a special "BlackBerry Working Group" specifically for this purpose. "Champagne!" the analysts remarked, patting themselves on the back. But even this highest level of security would seem not to be immune to NSA access, at least according to a presentation titled, "Your target is using a BlackBerry? Try it free, download, free, use it or lose it, your phone is your lifelineits your calendar, address book, photo album, and your digital wallet.

No Access Necessary, all the images were apparently taken with smartphones. According to internal NSA documents from the Edward Snowden archive that spiegel has been granted access to, the US intelligence service doesn't just bug embassies and access data from undersea cables to gain information. The internal documents indicate that this was not the only success against Blackberry, a company that markets its devices as being surveillance-proof - and one that has recently lost substantial market share due to strategic mistakes, as the NSA also notes with interest. To protect the person's privacy, spiegel has chosen not to reveal his name or any other details. To sort out such data, the analysts don't even require access to the iPhone itself, the document indicates. "Our public statements and principles have long underscored that there is no 'back door' pipeline to our platform the company said in a statement. A series of images depicts young men and women in crisis zones, including an armed man in the mountains of Afghanistan, an Afghan with friends and a suspect in Thailand. Understand how apps are accessing your personal information, and youll keep your private data private. What do your apps say about you?

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