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a single question that can be asked repeatedly to drive to deeper and deeper levels of an issue. A razor is a question that divides information into two categories, based on relevance. Digital Business Strategy, business Insurance (R)Evolution, data Artificial Intelligence, the AI Value Pyramid, nRDC, save the Food, locations 49 Cities.

Examples: Is this relevant to the issue at hand? Our aim from there was to test every single material to see which would perform the best. The purpose of a prism is to break down information into categories or subgroups. What is it made of? But a peeler does not have to use the word why. My first academic paper! Alternative names: Finder, getter, coupler. Something was sticking to the edge of the blades and causing it to become thicker and thereby dull. The solution finally came, but neither välj tjänster dating recensioner from the drawing board nor brainstorming. Productivity expert David Allen uses razors such as Is it actionable?

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